Family Court Building
Dover, Delaware


Delaware Family Court
Department of Services for
Children, Youth & Their Families
Dover, DE

Two different branches of state government, Family Court and the Department of Services for Children, shared the first level of this building; Family Court has all of the second floor. A partial lower level is occupied by parking and mechanical equipment. The site borders on a small river and the building serves, in effect, as a gateway to the State of Delaware’s neo-Georgian Capitol Complex.

Before initiating design, a comprehensive long range space plan and program was prepared. The design provides space for a wide variety of court and office functions with an emphasis on clarity of circulation, access to natural light, and security for the judiciary.

The accessible approach is completely integrated into the building form. Pile foundations were employed to surmount poor soils.

1504 North French Street | Wilmington DE, 19801 | Tel: 302.655.1105 | Fax: 302.655.1139