Price Run Pool House
Wilmington, Delaware


City of Wilmington
Department of Parks and Recreation

This 3000 square foot structure replaces the original 1920's Price Run Pool and Bath House that burned down in 2007. It is the first City of Wilmington building to be designed to meet the United States Green Building Council's LEED certification criteria.

'Green' design features include:

  • Reduced need for artificial lighting by introducing natural daylight through clerestory as well as conventional windows
  • Natural ventilation using the chimney affect That introduces outside air through louvers at the base of the exterior wall and exhausts warm air with roof fans, eliminating the need for air conditioning
  • A green roof low maintenance vegetation, providing added insulation and reducing storm water runoff
  • Roof mounted solar panels that will produce more electricity than the building uses, enabling the city to sell the renewable power back to the utility grid
  • All materials including paints, vinyls, benches, and toilet partitions have low or no greenhouse gas producing volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Most of the materials have significant recycled content.
  • The application for LEED certification is in preparation.
  • For durability and low maintenance, Price Run Pool House has concrete block walls and precast concrete roof plank. With its water theme, the colored stucco lends color and excitement to the exterior.

Architect and Structural Engineer of Record Stantec, Inc

The project's designer, Michael Lukshides, its architect, Jay N. Cooperson, and its structural engineer, Frederick S. Roland are now senior staff of Cooperson Associates, Wilmington.

1504 North French Street | Wilmington DE, 19801 | Tel: 302.655.1105 | Fax: 302.655.1139