Community Presbyterian Church
New Castle, Delaware


Community Presbyterian Church

A growing congregation and a large day care center serving the surrounding area made it imperative for Community Presbyterian Church to expand. The necessity of dealing with poor soil and an awkward site placed pressures on a tight budget.

Working closely with the congregation and the construction manager, Cooperson Associates created a new sanctuary and a fellowship hall to serve 350 worshippers. Because of the cramped, sloping site, the expansion, like the old structure, is built on two levels. The new entrance/narthex between the addition and old sections connects entrances at both floors.

The addition, twice the size of the original building, permitted modification of that 40 year old structure. It has gained better educational, day care, and office facilities. For the first time, too, Community Presbyterian Church has achieved a strong presence along the street.

1504 North French Street | Wilmington DE, 19801 | Tel: 302.655.1105 | Fax: 302.655.1139