Single Resident Apartments and Offices
Wilmington, DE


Connections CSP, Inc.
Wilmington, DE

Connections CSP provides housing and support services for individuals with various special needs. Typically, Connections met its housing needs by renovating and adapting older single family houses, often with two residents per bedroom.

The proposed building will depart from this approach by creating some 30 to 40 single tenant efficiency apartments together with critical support spaces such as a congregate dining area and kitchen, counseling rooms, and offices.

A single loaded corridor with living units facing garden areas enables the building to overcome the constraints imposed by a long, relatively narrow site, once occupied by houses. When they were demolished debris was pushed into their cellars, and the ground leveled and paved for a parking lot. The necessity to remove this debris occupying the site will be turned to an advantage by fashioning below grade gardens and creating a habitable basement. Congregate uses open directly to this urban landscaped area.

The building’s long south facing façade will be characterized by a green wall. Roof mounted solar panels will exploit the building’s east-west axis, ranked with faces turned southward.

1504 North French Street | Wilmington DE, 19801 | Tel: 302.655.1105 | Fax: 302.655.1139