Prestwyck Town Homes
Wilmington, Delaware


City of Wilmington
Department of Real Estate and Housing
Wilmington Housing Authority
Wilmington, Delaware

Prestwyck is a moderate income subsidized townhouse project with seventeen units. Sixteen units will be for sale. The seventeenth unit will be owned by the Wilmington Housing Authority, with a long term plan for lease purchase. The site, formally occupied by an apartment house built in the 1920’s, overlies an old stream bed. The poor soil conditions required auger-cast piles and grade beams for support of most of the houses. For others the poor soils were removed and replaced with structural fill. All units have garages. The three story bedroom units have 2100 square feet; the three and a half story four bedroom units, 2450 square feet.

Michael Lukshides and Jay Cooperson, now partners of Cooperson Associates, were the designer and the senior architect for sixteen of the houses at Prestwyck while with Stantec. As Cooperson Associates they designed the seventeenth unit, added at the request of the Wilmington Housing Authority.

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