Rockford Village Two
Wilmington, Delaware


Ekos Limited, Developers
Wilmington, Delaware

The clear form and symmetry of this group of houses and the scale of its dominant elements provide presence against an awkward site, isolated by a large parking lot. At the same time more finely honed details create a counterpoint that makes each dwelling distinctive and separate.

The four-story units are open from front to rear on the main living floor. At the rear garden a sun porch is oriented directly south. Built over the tile covered concrete, this space gains direct solar heat which can be introduced into the rear bedroom. The main living floor in every house has a stair rail carved by a wood sculptor. A family room/den below this floor opens into a sunken front garden. The railings around this garden and on the "bridge" from the sitewalk to the house were built on site by a metal sculptor. At the top floor of the houses, above the second floor bedroom, is a skylighted studio.

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