Private Residence
Chestertown, Maryland


Dr. William and Ms. Eve Taylor

This private residence on Maryland’s eastern shore is on a 12 acre site bordered by an estuarine creek emptying into Chesapeake Bay.

The house rests upon a stone base, with cement fiber siding above to minimize maintenance. The first floor rises a foot above the lowest allowable elevation — one established by code based upon the 100 year flood level. The ground, slopes up to the house, with a gently rising walk to an open loggia covered by the second floor. From the loggia one sees the Chesapeake before turning into the house or continuing onward toward the water. The design provides space for the display and storage of an extensive collection of art and books. Except for areas where privacy is critical, space flows through the house, differentiated by changes in light, ceiling height, and orientation. Everywhere light and views are critical.

The sweep of the roof respects the openness of the site, pushing down the mass of the building. The absence of valleys minimizes any opportunities for water intrusion in this wet and exposed locale. The simplicity of the roof contrasts with the complexity of the plan and spatial richness.

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